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Paul A Morocco  |  Owner, President & CEO

Paul’s interest in mechanical and electrical design began in childhood as he took apart and rebuilt or repurposed many household items. His career began working alongside his father and other master electricians, plumbers, and carpenters before attending the Pittsburgh Technical Institute. Together, these experiences led Paul to complete the requirements to become a Master Electrician.

Morocco Electric was formed in 1973 and later moved to its current location in 1986. By 1990 the company grew to 30 employees.

The housing boom of the 1980’s contributed significantly to the growth of MEI. MEI expanded to include not only private, but also public bid projects. Paul recognized that advances in low voltage technology (telecommunications, fire alarms, security systems, etc.) built upon existing internal expertise and offered strategic opportunities to grow and expand the diversity of the company’s service capabilities. In 1996, Paul became Registered Communications Distribution Design (RCCD) certified as a prerequisite to adding the line of low voltage products to those offered by MEI.

The advent of the 21st Century touted further technology changes that included the launch of industrial programmable logic controls (PLC). Once again Paul recognized the importance of the PLC technology and the advances it would provide for clients in need of security and safety solutions. As head of Research and Development, Paul began work on a system that would integrate PLC technology alongside the range of surveillance equipment used for safety and security solutions. The outcome of this multi-year R&D process is the MEICyberCorp product line originally launched as CyberGuard in 2011.

Paul firmly believes that as the needs of clients change, so should the products and services provided by MEI. “As a company, we are not asking our clients to adapt their systems to our products, rather we look to design products and services that meet their unique needs.”

Cathy Harrill  |  Director, Finance and Human Resources

Cathy began her career in the hospitality industry after obtaining her degree in Marketing; and later moved to a privately held company that owned over 400 convenience stores in the southeast region of the US. Over the next 14 years, Cathy worked in the accounting department and was responsible for accounts payable, payroll and human resources before joining MEI in 2001.

In her role at MEI, she was instrumental in working with the MEI team to bring forth a transition from manual to electronic systems to support business operations such as company forecasts, budget preparation and analysis, project estimation and management, and standard accounting practices under GAP rules.

“I am attracted to companies who provide the opportunity for their employees to learn while completing the responsibilities of their position. MEI has afforded me this opportunity. This inspires employee dedication and loyalty which in turn benefits our clients through retention of team knowledge, skill and expertise. At the end of the day, I am proud to put my name on my work.”

Bill Berkebile  |  Project Manager & Senior Service Technician

Bill joined MEI in 1987 with extensive electrical and electronic experience which began with his participation in a co-op program that partnered students from his high school with the local technical school. Over his nearly 30 years as an MEI employee, he has embraced change in the industry with the evolution of the company. Bill has moved from foreman of large electrical wiring projects to providing all-inclusive electrical installations and service work for key clients.

“MEI has provided me with the freedom and latitude to work with the clients assigned to me to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction…and that is my main goal.”

Cindy Bowers  |  AR Specialist & Payroll

Cindy’s interest in office and accounting systems is lifelong. She began her preparation for this career in high school and subsequently took every opportunity to learn and master the systems to successfully fulfill the responsibilities associated with accounts receivable, payroll, and staff scheduling. Cindy joined MEI in 1989 and has witnessed first-hand MEI’s evolution in technology as well as the opportunity MEI’s growth has provided to many employees over the past 30 years.

“We’re a family and that extends to our customers. Everyone is conscious of the needs of our customers. Throughout the years, that has never changed.”

Don Defilippo  |  Project Manager & Senior Service Technician

Don began his electrical career following completion of a VoTech program in Mt. Pleasant PA. In 1987, with 15 years of prior experience, he accepted a position with MEI. The company had built a strong team of multiple trades and disciplines under one umbrella which at the time was not standard business practice. Don appreciates the strong team approach with fellow employees that assist with resolution and identification of one or more solutions for simple to complex issues.

“We are a single source solution for our clients…and the foundation for this began more 30 years ago. I am proud to be part of this team.”

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